Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition

If you have old manuals and company documents that need to be scanned and then edited like a word document then look no further.

Security & Technology Alliance Group offers the best in Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

We scan your paper documents into a PC as images, and using our advanced OCR and text recognition software, we turn the images into text documents that can be edited in a word document.

General Commercial OCR software

81% - 99%



Our OCR software

99.9% Accurate


Optical Character Recognition

At Security & Technology Alliance Group we are experts at OCR.

  • Scan any type of printed text, including bound documents
  • Convert scans into the word processor format of your choice
  • Guaranteed high accuracy
  • Can include graphics and tables in your documents
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This is useful if you have old manuals and company documents that you want updated.

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