Electronic Records Management System

Electronic Records Management

Electronic Records Management Systems are an efficient solution to document usage and storage. By digitizing, indexing and archiving both paper and electronic documents for easy storage and retrieval, you ensure the safety of your data.

File Classification

File classification is the process of organizing documents and records into an organized system so that they are very easy to find. This is especially beneficial if the organization has multiple departments and staff from one department must locate documents in a separate department.

File classification is organized by:

  • Primary Heading – typically by department
  • Secondary Heading – types of documents in that department
  • Tertiary Heading – further definition of documents such as by year

File classification also involves determining the retention and security of the documents.

This process must be performed before the installation of an electronic document and records management system but is also very useful for paper based systems



FileHold is a full-featured document management software for businesses of any size to manage documents and records from the time they are created until the time they are disposed of, known as the document or record life-cycle. FileHold document management software makes it very easy for organizations to improve accessibility to documents (both internally and/or externally), streamline operations through fully customizable workflows and reduce the amount of space, costs and resources that paper filing systems require.

Process Step1

Some FileHold Features

  • User Roles and Security Settings (No Access, Read-Only, Publisher, System Administrator, etc…)
  • 3rd Party Integration (Print-to-FileHold, FastFind)
  • Document and Activity Logs

  • Searching Capability (General Searches, Advanced Searches, Boolean Searches, and more)
  • Version Control
  • Automatic OCR Engine

  • Microsoft Office Integration
  • E-Forms
  • Document scanning and importation options

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