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Do you have a data science project you'd like to start immidiately? Do you lack the data science expertise? We are here to help. Security & Technology Alliance Group is happy to "rent" you data scientists for as long as your project requires



Renting a data scientist lets you start a valuable project immediately, confident that you have an experienced data scientist available to guide the team in gathering, preparing, and assessing potential input variables; measuring variable importance; constructing appropriate scientific models; assessing model quality; explaining modeling results to stakeholders; and implementing models in a production-ready decision-support system (DSS) or decision-automation system (DAS). You run the project as you see fit, relying on our experts to round out your team.

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Security & Technology Alliance Group's data scientists have years of experience, as well as having graduate level credentials from well-regarded academic institutions. We are thoroughly familiar with the entire model-development lifecycle, and have worked with software architects and developers to translate scientific models into production applications. We’ll work with you carefully to align your needs for leadership ability, technical seniority, industry experience, and types of technical expertise with the consultants we offer for your project. Our rates vary along these dimensions, and are at or below parity with industry norms.

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