Data Science Project

A data science project delivers on the business case developed during the assessment. The gains are typically financial, but may also include important but hard-to-quantify benefits such as improved customer goodwill.


A modest data science project may only require a single data scientist for two or three months. A complex data science project might require five or six consultants for six to 18 months. A data science project constructs and possibly operationalizes a scientific model that helps optimize a set of business decisions, with the goal of realizing the business case identified in the assessment. A data science project always includes the following activities:

  • data sampling
  • variable selection
  • development of the scientific model.

If the project calls for developing a decision support system (DSS) or decision automation system (DAS), the project may also include most of the following activities:

  • data architecture
  • ETL development
  • solution development
  • simulation development
  • verification and validation
  • deployment
  • enhancement

Data science project deliverables may include:

  • a report or presentation summarizing scientific findings
  • a production DSS or DAS
  • training in proper use of the DSS or DAS
  • metrics tracking progress towards realizing the business case
  • periodic enhancements.

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