Data Science

Hire a Data Scientist

Security & Technology Alliance Group is happy to "rent" you data scientists at an hourly rate, part-time, or full-time, for as long as your project requires

Business Assessment

When the assessment is complete, you’re well positioned to start executing on the most profitable opportunity.

Data Science Project

A data science project delivers on the business case developed during the assessment. The gains are typically financial, but may also include important but hard-to-quantify benefits such as improved customer goodwill.

Decision Analysis

A decision analysis formally models a strategic decision, or a tactical decision requiring substantial investment or having large-scale consequences.

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment helps the responsible party understand how the system might fail in a way that leads to unacceptable outcomes, suggesting appropriate risk-reduction activities.

Enterprise Ontology

An enterprise ontology (EO) engagement produces a single deliverable, namely a document or software-based encyclopedia (ontology) of the entity types stored in some or all of the enterprise’s servers.

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