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Security & Technology Alliance Group is your go-to company for all things I.T., Cyber Security, Cloud Services, Image and Document Scanning and Management Services, and Data Science. We do it all, and we do it best.

We at Security & Technology Alliance Group have assembled a team of qualified and certified experts so that we can be your one and only stop for everything I.T.

The wide span of services we offer include fixing and servicing computers and electronics, building and maintaining websites, providing cloud services including disaster recover, offering the best in cyber security, scanning and managing files electronically and safely, performing data science tasks, and many more as listedhere.

How to get Started!

Learn more about ourservices, andcontact usby leaving us amessage,calling, ordrop byany of our locations, and we'll be more than happy to help.

Our professional and qualified staff can guide you through any inquiries you may have, and get you started with any service you're interested in. Ulternatively, you can learn more about ushere, and check out theFAQpage to see if your question has been answered before.

What we can do for you!

Residential IT Services

Slow computer? Error messages? Sudden freezing/crashes? Unprompted Reboot? If you're having difficulty with your computer, contact us.

Corporate IT Services

Our experienced and qualified technicians can assist you with a wide range of computer problems, from simple errors and malfunctions, to disastrous failure.

Networking, Email Hosting & Web Support

Secure Wireless Networking. Spyware, Malware, & Virus Removal. Anti-Virus Installation & Malware Protection.

Managed Services

We offer a fixed rate per PC and Server allowing your company to work within a strict monthly budget. This allows you to choose a PC and Server Management Plan that best fits your needs.

Website Design & SEO

Complete website design. Search engine optimization. CMS. Social media & web software integration.

VOIP Services

Consider a digital network for your phone lines to experience the ease of access and versatility of the internet applied to your everyday business calling.

Malware Removal & Prevention

At Security & Technology Alliance Group, protecting you is our priority, contact us today and see how our experts can easily save you the frustration and confusion.

Security Assessments

We work with institutions of all sorts, providing a variety of customized security services to ensure your organization's information is secure and your business operations stay up and running as long as you need them.

Strategic Planning

You know what direction you want your organization to go in. It is our job to help ensure you have the IT security capability to get there. Let's discuss your needs and challenges and we'll provide the solutions.

Security Audit Services

We have experience working with many technologies, different platforms and applications, with small and large organizations and with diverse institutional public and private sector cultures and security challenges.

Specialized Services

Outsourced Chief Information Security Officer, & Outsourced Certified IT Auditor.

Disaster Recovery

Eradicate Downtime. Equip your company with the ability to quickly and affordably recover from any disaster, large and small.

Backup & Restore

Explore our safe and effective Cloud Backup & Restore solutions, and insure the safety of all your documents and files

White Label Software Features

There are a ton of reasons to use Security & Technology Alliance Group's Cloud Software and we've listed a few of them here.

Industry Applications

We have several varieties of backup solutions catered to different types of industry. Find the plan that best suits your business.

The Datacenters

Safe, Reliable, and 100% Canadian. Learn more about our facilities here.


Consulting Services

With our consulting services we guide you through the process to obtain the best possible system outcome.

Scanning & Conversion of Books

With our specialized scanning system we can scan archival books up to 17″ x 23″ in size. By using the “planetary” scanning method the books are scanned face-up so that the binding is not damaged.

Electronic Records Management System

Electronic Records Management Systems are an efficient solution to document usage and storage. By digitizing, indexing and archiving both paper and electronic documents for easy storage and retrieval, you ensure the safety of your data.

GIS Maps & Databases

We have a close relationship with ESRI (ArcView) to offer the scanning and attaching of Property Files and other documents to existing GIS databases.

Scanning Large Format Drawings & Maps

We can scan large format plans and drawings up to 36″ wide by any length. With our high quality production scanners, delicate older drawings, mylar and vellum are our speciality.

Optical Character Recognition

OCR is the process of scanning paper documents into a PC as images and then turning these documents into editable text that you may use in your word processor. This is useful if you have old manuals and company documents that you want updated.

Scanning Paper Documents

We can scan an assortment of paper documents ranging in size from 5.5″ X 8.5″ to 11″ X 17″. We can scan at resolutions from 200 dpi. to 600 dpi. in black & white, grayscale or colour.

Scanning & Conversion of Photos & Slides

We can scan any type of photo from 35mm slide to negative film to 8.5″ X 11″ at a range of resolutions from 200 dpi. to 6,400 dpi. in grayscale or 48-bit full colour.


Hire a Data Scientist

Security & Technology Alliance Group is happy to "rent" you data scientists at an hourly rate, part-time, or full-time, for as long as your project requires

Business Assessment

When the assessment is complete, you’re well positioned to start executing on the most profitable opportunity.

Data Science Project

A data science project delivers on the business case developed during the assessment. The gains are typically financial, but may also include important but hard-to-quantify benefits such as improved customer goodwill.

Decision Analysis

A decision analysis formally models a strategic decision, or a tactical decision requiring substantial investment or having large-scale consequences.

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment helps the responsible party understand how the system might fail in a way that leads to unacceptable outcomes, suggesting appropriate risk-reduction activities.

Enterprise Ontology

An enterprise ontology (EO) engagement produces a single deliverable, namely a document or software-based encyclopedia (ontology) of the entity types stored in some or all of the enterprise’s servers.

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